Drum roll please! It’s finally here, our very own Toyz World blog. Working for a major toy company really is one of the best jobs in the whole wide world! Not only do I get to be a super sonic toy tester, but I also get to write about our best products from electric scooters right through to bouncy castles, publish reviews and think up crazy new competition ideas for our customers and followers on the world wide web.

For our very first post, and to open our blog I thought I would give our toy fanatics an insight into what it’s all about being a part of the world of toys and what makes us simply unique!

All of the Toyz World staff are parents first, and as parents we put our children at the heart of everything that we do. We all understand just how important it is to create a safe, exciting and fun environment for little mini me’s to flourish in, and essentially, our customers are your children! Thinking about what is important us, we decided to adopt a ‘kids first’ policy that is embedded into every policy and every process in every single department across Toyz World, even our complaints team, and that’s what makes us different.

From sourcing engaging toys from the best manufacturers around the world, helping the mummy’s and daddy’s find exactly the right product for our little customers right through to assessing the safety and quality of every toy that leaves our building . Every single action that each of us takes at Toyz World has to consider our little consumer, your kids. We put your ‘kids first’ and that’s what makes us.. well.. us!

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