Toyz World is flying the flag for your schools

Our Mission
Our purpose is simple, to help fund to schools across the UK.
10% from your order will be donated to a school of your choice.

How it works
Simply pick the school of your choice at checkout and we will do the rest.
We will send a donation to your school along with any message that you wish to provide.

We know that your child’s or grandchild’s school is an important part of your lives and we want to help you support the school in a meaningful way.
Whoever you are buying for, your child, grandchild, niece, nephew or anyone in between we will donate 10% of your order to a school of your choice.
Help us benefit that school that is significant to you.

If just 10% school age children are bought their toys from Toyz World instead of the Corporate conglomerates we estimate that an average school could receive over £………………..

We are growing and might not currently have all of the toys that you desire but by supporting us now you will support your school and support them even more in the future.
If you are fed up of seeing profits go to American companies who don’t pay enough tax then buy from Toyz World and support your school.

We offer all the usual services of a typical online toy shop, in fact we think that we offer a better service.
Free delivery
Free returns
Great customer support