The Best Kids Electric Scooters

Truth be told – there are only really two main players in this game: Ripsar and Razor.

The best kids’ electric scooters are all about a fun and inexpensive way for your little one to cruise around town with their buddies, wearing their favourite t-shirts and high-fiving each other after a successful run!

And unlike regular push scooters, kids electric scooters come with a motor and battery, letting your child whiz around without ever spending extra energy to kick their adorable feet.

High-quality electric scooters are a great way for kids to stay active and look back on as a favourite past time. And while there are many options to choose from, two of the absolute best kids electric scooters on the market are Ripsar and Razor

The best kids electric scooters currently on the market


Razor is a brand that’s synonymous with quality kids’ electric scooters at a great price. The Razor Power Core E90, for instance, has really upped the ante in the electric scooters market, offering young riders an incredible 80 minutes of non-stop ride time and offers 50% more horsepower than the previous iteration.

The innovative and highly efficient hub motor delivers a noticeably more powerful punch, offering a maintenance-free ride – while the lighter weight chassis and steel frame combined with an improved torque range truly kicks performance to the next level.

Not only that, but the urethane puncture-proof front wheel and airless puncture-proof rear tire ensures that your kid never gets stuck in a rut if they happen to be more than a few meters away from home.

Ask any parent who bought the Razor Core E90 for their kid, and most will tell you that they can’t stop raving about how their little one is having fun whizzing around on it, not to mention bragging to their friends about how cool it is!


Ripsar is another fantastic make to choose when it comes to kids electric scooters. The Ripsar R100 Black is both powerful and fun to ride, and boasts excellent quality. In fact, it’s the only scooter in the under £200 price range to come with a front fitted pneumatic tyre, a large deck, innovative chain-driven motor and adjustable handlebars with three unique positions. It also folds down for easy and hassle-free storage as well as transportation.

If you check out the reviews for this fantastic kids electric scooter, you’ll see that most parents have given it a 5-star rating – with many saying that it’s one of the best bargains they’ve invested in. Others have complemented its sturdy and stylish design, making their kid feel super-safe and confident throughout the ride.

At Toyz World, we are all about providing quality kids electric scooters, so that they can fun whizzing back and forth between their favourite spots – with the breeze in their hair and calling each other names as they ride along!

Every model sold is extensively tested to meet all EU guidelines. Stay safe in the knowledge that your kid’s new electric scooter is completely safe and offers the best value for money.